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My name is Natalie Daniels. Our team has years of experience with helping bridal clients create some of the most awe-inspiring, momentous and deeply rewarding experiences of their lives.


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By Philly Star DJ's - Natalie, Oct 2 2014 03:18AM

Recently, I had been speaking with a prospective client to learn more about arrangements for his wedding event via e-mail. I sent over profile links and info on one of our DJ's who was open for the client's date so that he would have an opportunity to review DJ's info, etc. After the client had a moment to review the info, he sent an email asking this GREAT question:

"Is there more than one DJ? I thought I read about picking your DJ, but I only see one person. I'm not against him, just wondering."

Here was my response:

"We (Philly Star DJ's) base scheduling choices on staff availability, needs for the event and what we feel the client would want. Also, when we say that you'll get the DJ you really want, we mean a first-class Wedding DJ from the Philly Star DJ team versus the typical lack-luster Wedding DJ that MOST local DJ companies will recommend for you. Our DJ's have highly impressive performance histories/resumes and we proudly stand by our ability to help you with planning the most exciting, rewarding wedding reception experience."

If you have specific requests or an interest in a particular DJ on our team, by all means, let us know what you have in mind. Either way, you're in very capable hands and we're here to help you select a DJ for your event. The Philly Star talent roster has been composed of some of the areas most energetic, experienced and savvy professionals. As mentioned above, our DJ's performance histories/resumes are outstanding and very easily speak for themselves.

View Top Wedding DJ Profiles:

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I invite you to call us at 215.825.5300 or send email (to *natalie (@) Let's discuss your ideas for fun music, brilliant lighting design and much more...

By Philly Star DJ's - Natalie, Sep 24 2014 05:22AM

Volume Control + Volume Settings

Question: I'm concerned about the volume level. How do you effectively control it?

Response: We're very conscious of the fact that no one wants to listen to music at an uncomfortably high volume and that people have different sensitivity levels. That's why we'll constantly monitor the sound intensity throughout the course of your reception and perform sound checks. Our State of The Art Sound Systems allow us to create an environment that's conducive to both dancing and socializing. If at anytime during your event you feel that the music may be a bit too loud, we will follow your lead and make adjustments to better suit your guests.

Please Call Philly Star DJ’s for more details about ways that we can help achieve the perfect atmosphere via one of our first class Wedding DJ's at 215.825.5300.

By Philly Star DJ's - Natalie, Sep 14 2014 04:30AM

The Truth About Ipod Weddings

As a booking agent with a premiere entertainment company in the Philadelphia area, I admit that I almost choked after reading an article on the popular news outlet, called The Truth About Ipod Weddings. Although well-meaning in some ways, the Ipod Weddings article offered really one-sided advice on having an Ipod "perform", if you will, at wedding receptions while offering very limited info on the value of working with qualified Wedding Entertainment Professionals. Philly Star DJ's understands that every couple's event budget will differ so this lower-price option may seem attractive. The goal of this post is to offer another view on some of the less-celebrated happenings with Ipod Wedding Receptions.

Ok. Let's face it, everyone... Having an Ipod is not the most classy choice for music entertainment at an event like a Wedding. This arrangement may work out better for casual, laid-back events, like teen birthday parties held at home with mom's homemade punch and Oreo cookies.

Obviously, we know that the Ipod can not bring any sense of personality to your event. It can not interpret what's going on around you and change the energy in the room. It can NOT take song requests from you or your guests right on the spot without interrupting a 6-hour pre-recorded party mix. If you take any requests from your guests, the music must stop. There will be a pause. You gotta find the new song on your Ipod, right? This will affect the party since no one really wants to stand and wait in the center of dance floor when the music's off. (It's not always easy to get people back up on the dance floor.)

Ipods are notorious for skipping songs and make other odd performance errors - Really noticeable oddities. These interruptions can happen more than once at any time. Picture your first dance. And the scheduled song skips or won't load. This can happen. (Sigh.)

Imagine the start, the opening part of your reception... Ipods will not offer an exciting introduction welcoming your guests and the bridal party at the start of your reception.

Come on, let's face it... An Ipod is NOT a modern, hip source for wedding entertainment. It's simply a cool MP3 player from Apple.

If you're planning an important celebration like a Wedding Reception, please consider hiring a highly recommended DJ or Band for a classy, more personalized, interactive party experience. And if you're looking for savvy, fun, non-typical Wedding DJ's and/or Musicians in the PHILADELPHIA & SOUTH JERSEY AREAS, I'd be happy to consult with you at no charge about entertainment arrangements not only via the Philly Star DJ's Team but can direct you to other top local resources. Remember: You can not rewind your wedding day experience (and make changes). Be selective when making your choice for entertainment and definitely shy away from using an Ipod. (Save it for your work-out routine at the gym.)

Thanks for reading and best wishes to you!

By Philly Star DJ's - Natalie, Sep 12 2014 12:31AM

-Couldn't wait for this one! Bridal clients, Tim + Krista were a simply amazing couple who wanted to do something really unique and cool for their Post-Wedding Event that took place after their destination wedding in July 2014. -Gatsby meets 20's Prohibition meets upscale-fun ideas! We really had an amazing time celebrating with our hip couple and invited guests. Gold Up-lighting, Great Gatsby-Movie inspired Custom Monogram and Special Image Projections were used to transfer the look and feel of the main reception space at The Manayunk Brewery, Philadelphia. Be sure to check-out Tim + Krista's Wedding Review on our team on our REVIEWS + PRESS page. And, we'll also have a wedding video to showcase the party on our REAL WEDDINGS VIDEO section very soon. Major thanks to Photographer, Kim Sokoloff.

By Philly Star DJ's - Natalie, Aug 30 2014 01:34AM

What a party! Our lovely bride, Yumi, really, really loves music. She's an accomplished vocalist and shared her soothing sounds with guests and the groom as a surprise treat during the reception. Pure awesomeness! Yumi and Chris were a delight to work and party with. Their wedding at The Stotesbury Mansion was truly entertaining. The venue has light gold colored up-lighting arrangement in place but we decided to add extra "wow factor" by bringing in more color using bright pink and red Color Wash efx right when the dance party got started. Hot. Superb event photos captured by U Me Us Studios!